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Separating Ourselves from the Competition

Since 2008, Skyline Metals has been a leader in the production of High-Metal Alloys and Fe Concentrates. We've distinguished ourselves from competitors by investing heavily in technology that enables us to separate metals from slag more effectively than anyone else.

Using a process that involves crushing, screening, magnetic separation, and upgrading, we segregate metals by density in a water-based jig. The end result is production of high-grade metallic concentrates in fine particle sizes that enables for a more dense charge allowing

for a  superior arc transfer material into furnaces yielding higher melt efficiency.

From our facilities in Baden, PA, 20 miles up the Ohio River from Pittsburgh, we supply specialty and EAF mills nationwide with a wide range of products. Easy access to Interstate 79, and to rail and barge transport, allows us to ship our products in a way that best meets the requirements of each customer.

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