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Mission Statement

Reclamation and recycling company, providing solutions to create a circular economy for steel mill. We strive to deliver solutions that reduce or eliminate the carbon footprint one brick at a time.


We produce a briquette by using recycled materials from slag, sludge, bag house dust, spent shot and other byproducts.

We provide solutions for the ferrous and ferro alloy sector. Our agglomeration process produces a high value briquette using recycled materials from the steel production and ancillary industrial operations, where we focus on tolling contracts and direct products sales by an installed material processing and upgrading plant to produce consistent feedstock for our briquette plant to produce the briquettes.

Our process will create value, repurpose byproducts, and create newfound high-grade supply for our steel producing customers.

The raw materials typically have a low to zero value. That is where we upgrade this material to create a high-value, viable, newfound, premium feedstock for steel production.

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